Indiana Fall Fotopalooza 2017

Once again the third week of October found me in Indiana to spend time with my friend Indiana Mike and his lady Denise for their annual Fall Fotopalooza.  Aside from one misadventure that will remain unchronicled (suffice it to say we were reminded of being prepared in the outdoors) we made great memories.

Mike and I always "tune up" on Friday before Saturday's big adventure.  This year we spent the afternoon in the Owen-Putnam State Forest.  This state forest consists of one large tract and several smaller tracts interspersed with private holdings.  We were only a little jealous of those who have the pleasure of living in the woods in that area.  We did a lot of "stop and pop" shooting with our iPhones as we explored the gravel roads looking for color.

Saturday brought on the traditional trip to Fortune Woods in the Big Walnut Nature Preserve and Hall Woods, both located along Big Walnut Creek.  This year we finished early and were able to squeeze in a short stop just before dusk at Fern Cliff Nature Preserve on the way home.  That third stop proved to be one too many though aa all three of us were totally worn out when we arrived back in town.  Our long, hearty dinner was well deserved.  We vowed to be more trained for hiking all day next year.

A rainy Sunday made for a good day to review and edit photos.  Monday we decided to repeat last year's visit to the Hoosier National Forest.  Though again the color was mostly on the edges of the forest we found some good shooting. Sunday's rain continued off and on.  Ourhumbling late day misadventure resulted in an unplanned overnight stay and we didn't get home until mid afternoon on Tuesday.

All too soon it was time to head home but the memories made with friends will remain until we are together again.