Going to the Truck Stop

Ten days ago it was time for a little nomadacy.  We were off to the truck stop.  Doesn't sound like an appealing destination does it?  Well this particular truck stop has a CAT scale and there's no better place to find out with certainty what your truck weighs.  Here's what we found:

The Truth!

The Truth!

The weight of 7,540 lbs. was with a full tank of gas and my wife and I.  With a GVW of 10,000 lbs. that leaves 2,450 lbs. for our camper and gear which should put us safely within our GVW.  We'll look forward to a re-weigh fully loaded.

By the way amidst all those big rigs our mighty Ram 2500 felt and looked like a small pocket toy!  You can bet we were nothing but cautious and courteous! 

On our way home we stopped in Williams,  AZ a small town on the Mother Road, Route 66, thinking to have lunch there. Williams is a historic tourist stop for sure and its a nice town. In February though its a very quiet place and a lot of stores and restaurants are closed. Sure enough the place we had in mind was closed.  My wife stopped a local fellow and asked his advice.  He said "Go to the Red Raven.  It's the best food in town." and told us where it was.  From the outside there's nothing outstanding about the Red Raven but the local fellow was right.  Its a nice place and the food and service are excellent.  We'll be going back to the Red Raven when we aren't camping and want a good meal in Williams.