Before and After

This month I don't have any nomadacy to write about - at least not yet.  But I do have news to share.

We upgraded The Boss, our foundation for our Nomadacy Support Vehicle with the following:

Why did we want these upgrades?

  • A winch is a tool that one may not need often but when its needed nothing else will do.  We do go into remote places where there is a possibility of a winch being needed in unforeseen conditions.  So far we've been fortunate with the various off road conditions we've encountered but, for us, its all about safety and being prepared.  Of course a winch has to have a proper mount, hence a winch bumper.
  • We've frankly been amazed at the performance of the OEM tires in off road, sometimes quite muddy, conditions.  That said we knew there's better tires and good tires when off road are important.  Again, for us, its a safety issue.

A lot of research went behind our choices.  

  • There are many, many aftermarket winch bumpers out there.  We went with ARB because of their reputation for great engineering and, in my opinion, ARB bumpers always look good.  
  • Warn has a solid reputation for their winches.  The NSV is a full-size truck with a camper on it so we needed a heavy duty winch and the Warn 16.5ti meets our needs. 
  • Our tire choice was based on experience and test reports.  We've had the original BFG T/As on our Jeep and recently replaced them with the K02s.  Wow what a difference!  We are impressed with the K02.  Every recent tire test I've read gives the K02 high marks.  I could tell a difference in the tires just on the way home from the dealer.  Why did we stay with the stock wheels and stock tire size?  The stock wheels are alloy and the only advantage to aftermarket wheels would have been looks. We couldn't justify the money only for looks.  The K02s in the stock size for our truck have the same load rating as the OEM tires, something very important considering we have quite a load with our camper.  Also the stock size is about as big a tire as the truck will accommodate without a lift kit, something we aren't interested in at this time.

We want to acknowledge Chris Ramm the Accessory Specialist at York Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.  Chris is very knowledgable and a great guy.  He did a wonderful job of ordering all the right parts and seeing to it that everything was expertly installed.

See the before and after photos below.  Click on any photo to enlarge it and step through the photos.  Roll over an enlarged photo to see the caption.