Indiana Fall Color

In October nomadacy became me off by myself on a plane.  My old friend Mike heads to the same places on the same weekend every year with camera in hand to shoot fall color. This year I had the pleasure of going with him.  

We headed out of town early with Mike's friend Denise driving and arrived at the first location just as various trees were starting to light up.  Our anticipation was high. Wouldn't you know in all the years Mike has been doing his "Autumn Photopalooza" this was the first time Mother Nature was on a different schedule. Usually Mike is coming out of the woods in deep twilight.  This year by 4:00pm we were done. To paraphrase a well-known saying:  "Fall color:  disappointing.  Time spent with friends:  priceless".  

Please enjoy photos below of the fall color we were able to find.  Click on any photo to enlarge it and step through the photos.  Roll over an enlarged photo to see the caption.